• Mag 250 Micro

    Mag 250 Micro

    Set-top box MAG-250 Micro meets all modern
    requirements for multimedia devices,
    including support of video streaming,
    video on demand, reproduction of digital
    channels in high quality, and also access
    to OTT-services and Internet browser.

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  • Androidâ„¢ IPTV STB

    Androidâ„¢ IPTV STB

    Set-top boxes running Androidâ„¢ are based on
    up-to-date and efficient hardware ARM
    architecture. The architecture provides
    many advanced features including
    graphics acceleration that makes
    user interface very responsive
    and rich of effects and animations.

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  • XBMC Media Center

    XBMC Media Center


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About US

FTA Network is an USA company founded in 2011, and based in Columbus, Ohio. The idea of IPTV business is to create an alternative method for watching your home country channel. Our goal is helping the communities in the USA, Canada, Europe and all over the world to stay connected to their tradition and culture by watching live contents from their country origin . We are using the internet for providing the channels, we bring them to you as long as available by the TV source and third party provider. FTA Network is not streaming them nor responsible for the channels since they are provided by others. In order to receive the signal, you can use an IPTV box, Computer, or portable device like iphone or Android. The IPTV receiver can be purchased from the site or contact your local dealer. You will not need satellite dish mounted in the facades, roofs, or balconies, no cables or holes in the walls. The only thing you need is 2 to 3 Mbps internet and TV, connect your IPTV box or portable device to the your WiFi and enjoy watching Live TV.